Doctors & hospital’s security guards brutally beat Christian to death in Lahore, Pakistan.

A Pakistani Christian purportedly dies of brutal torture executed by a security guards, medical staff and doctors at the Services Hospital in Lahore. The deceased, Sunil Saleem met with tragic end March 26,2018, when he went to the hospital in order to deliver food to his sister who was under treatment in the gynae ward.

Details emerged that a pregnant Christian woman Kiran Saleem, went to see a gynecologist in the hospital. The lady doctor on duty, who was allegedly having a telephone conversation on her cell phone, asked a nurse to see Kiran Saleem. Kiran insisted to be seen by the doctor. Consequently, a quarrel took place between Kiran Saleem and the lady doctor. Doctor reportedly slapped that pregnant lady. Brothers of Kiran Saleem called City 42 News a local news channel.

Johnson Saleem, brother of Kiran Saleem alleges that the security guards on duty put the shutters down and threatened his brothers Sunil Saleem, Anil Saleem and brother-in-law Kashif Shafeeq. Soon they started beating the three men. A brawl began between the security guards, young doctors and the three Christian men.

Johnson claims that the security guards and at least three doctors one of whom was an ENT specialist started beating Sunil Saleem. He was beaten for about 30 minutes and sustained critical injuries. After the beating, he was hospitalized in a critical condition however there was no doctor to attend to him. Sunil did not survive and succumbed to his injuries. His dead body has been shifted to his house.

An FIR invoking Section 302 has been registered at the Shadman Police Station, Lahore. At least 2 lady doctors and three male doctors along with the security guards have been nominated in the FIR. Reports emerged that from 12:30 am onward doctors fled from the hospital. Media reported of City42 news was also beaten, footage of this brutality reveals inhumane aggression of the doctors and the security guards.

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