The Cecil & Iris Foundation Demands Justice For Asma Yaqoob

Asma Yaqoob the 25 year old Pakistani Christian girl from Sialkot who fell victim to an acid attack passed away a hospital in Lahore on 22nd April 2018.

In the lives of impoverished Pakistani women, life changing moments are mostly for the worst; Asma’s moment came on 18th April 2018 when her life changed for the worse.

Asma Yaqoub fell victim to an acid attack after she refused to marry a Muslim man named Rizwan Gujjar who was forcing her to convert to Islam. The acid of course did what it was supposed to do; burn, corrode, injure, disfigure and subsequently took her life. According to the doctors 90% of Asma’s body had been burnt.

The Cecil & Iris Chaudhry Foundation (CICF) condemns this horrific act of brutality and demands justice for Asma. The perpetrator Rizwan Gujjar has been arrested; however The CICF has appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice of this appalling crime and ensure that justice is done.

Michelle Chaudhry President of The Cecil and Iris Chaudhry Foundation (CICF) expressing sorrow and anger over the incident stated “We demand accountability for murder, accountability for the violation of the fundamental right to freedom to religion as enshrined in the constitution of Pakistan and accountability for the violation of the country’s constitution.”
Michelle Chaudhry The Cecil & Iris Chaudhry Foundation “The perpetrator must be brought to Justice; no one can be allowed to blatantly carry out such a heinous crime; accountability is pivotal” Ms Chaudhry added.The CICF has condoled and expressed solidarity with the bereaved family; and assured them of any support that may be required.

The Cecil & Iris Chaudhry Foundation (CICF) is an independent, non-government, non-profit organization, dedicated to the eradication of injustice in society by advocating on behalf of the underprivileged, under represented and marginalized groups within Pakistan.

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